It has been an easy ride being associated with VikashHost. They provide wide range of solutions for all spheres of our business. Their software’s are user friendly and the VikashHost team is readily available 24*7 for support.

Manshi Duberegular customer

Great work!!! The team was solid, efficient and knowledgeable. They did an amazing job on my very challenging app. I will be using them again. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Arun Kumarbusiness owner

We got our APP delivered on time. VikashHost is our technology partner and we are quite happy with the work. I see a great future for this company. Keep making happy clients.

Amit Rayregular customer

VikashHost Infotech was very efficient and fast in providing me the application I needed for a project I was working on. They beat the cost of every other developer that had applied for the job and finished the job ahead of schedule. I would gladly do work with them again!

Jym Mealeyregular customer

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Gregor Greenstudent

I wanted to convey what a great job I think the team did on this recent Listing Manager project. We needed a quick turnaround and we needed some creativity from the team on the UI and you delivered in style. You certainly exceeded my expectations.

Anil Kumar Raybusinessman

VikashHost Infotech were very patient and professional with us throughout the whole job but especially when we made changes to the original proposal after the job was underway. Would definitely use them again.

Sudhanshu Kumar Singhbusiness owner

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Anna Leephotographer

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Alex Freemancreative director

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Stefan Sweetdigital artist